Peddling Along, Kid's Bike Plates Category is Up and Ready!

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We're just peddling along with plate after plate getting them up for your shopping pleasure. Before we only had to put up a category page and you were able to see multiple plates on that page that you could choose from and order.  Now each plate gets their own dedicated page.  That's lots of pages.

It's also a lot of descriptions.  I'm not much of a copy righter or hard core sales person so hopefully you look past that and know that we love creating fun bike plates for your children and take pride in our work and want you to be happy.

We also hope this new format makes it so much easier for you to tell us how you want your bike plate set up. And also, the main reason for this new format is so you can easily shop on your phone or other mobile device.  Please remember to read the descriptions and the tips on how to use the form for each design.

So far, Kids Designs are complete Woohoo!  We'll be adding new kids designs too after we complete some of the other categories.

As you probably know, we've been selling custom gifts including bike plates since 1999. The kid designs were one of the first to become popular. so popular that we opened up a website solely dedicated to bike plates.  We were the first to really introduce custom bike plates online. We were also the first one to have motorcycle plates for the individualized personalization industry.  We had them created just for us, had a bit of exclusivity on the item for a year or two and then they took off like wild fire. So I guess you could say that we're the forefathers of personalized bike plates trend.

If you ever have any questions about the plates or want a custom design for your child's birthday party as a favor or special event feel free to email us or live chat with us. We love helping you to personalize your ride!

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