Pets, Animals & Insect Plates

Your pet deserves to be personalized too!  Personalize any size license plate for their pet carrier, cage, walking assistant and more. 
Furry friends like dogs and cats along with birds, lizards and even your pet mouse can have an id tag.  You can hang them by your swing door, pet's eating area, horses stall, fish or lizard tank or anywhere your pet stays too.
They're not only for your pets though, these personalized id license tags are great for anyone who loves animals for their bicycle, car, desk and even refrigerator. 

Plate sizes range from mini bike plates at 2" x 4" ✶ 2.25" x 4 ✶ or 2.5" x 4 ✶ 
to bike plates - 3" x 6",  ✶ ATV and motorcycle plates - 4" x 7"  ✶ and car tags - 6"  x 12"

Need a custom size for a special project? Doesn't hurt to ask, just live chat or fill out the contact form.