If you need more than 1 of the same plate with your logo or design for bikes, atv's or even car size plates you can
1. choose your size
2. upload your image (we accept - jpg, png, psd, pdf, ai) 
3. enter quantity
4. enter any instructions or additional info
5. add to cart and proceed to check out.

If we are adding individual names /numbers/custom text to your plate, then follow the above, But Also upload a csv with the names.  

Please use row 1 of your spreadsheet for field headers 
Column 1 should be labeled NAME (and this will be the center personalization) 
If your design requires more than center personalization, please discuss this with us first, but put each location in a field header (ex: LINE2 - BOTTOMLINE - ETC)

If you are not submitting an image and want just text with a full color background, tell us what color background you want in the additional info section.  (not telling us a color will result in a white plate)

Image Submission:
Please be sure any image sent is crisp and clear and at least 300 dpi
Photos- please do not crop - we'll take care of any cropping or adjusting. 
Digital Images (designers) - Please be sure to take bleed off of at least 1/8" and area of holes into consideration when designing your image.
DO NOT! submit any material that is trademarked or copyrighted.  
That means, no cartoon characters, fan art, ball team logo or names,  car logos or names, TV shows, movies, celebrities, or any of the rest of the plethora of images available online. By submitting an image, you claim you have legal rights to use it and will be liable for any damages or claims brought forth by the copyright/trademark holder.  Make sure you have all legal rights to use the image you submit.

Personalized License Plate sizes range from mini bike plates at 2" x 4"  2.25" or 2.5" x 4  •  to bike plates - 3" x 6",  •  ATV and motorcycle plates - 4" x 7"  • and car tags - 6"  x 12"

All plates are made from quality aluminum and are printed perfectly flat. They ship with 2 zip ties, but check out our Accessories page for matching key chains, desk feet, frames for 2.25 x 4 plates or magnet backs to use this plate as a note holder on your refrigerator or as a name tag for your desk.
Estimated production is 2 - 4 business days

Your Design-Multiple-Order Personalized Bike Plates and License Plates

  • $10.45
    Unit price per 

Don't let this form scare you, It's actually quite simple, just take it step by step and skip what you don't need.

You can upload a non copyrighted / trademarked image or request a background color

YES this is my image and I own rights to its content

Use ONLY If we are putting names (text) on your plate - If plates are being created with just the uploaded image above then skip this.

If you don't have a background image for your plate, then tell us what color you want the plate to be ex: white

PLEASE NOTE: Previews are sent usually within 1 business day of us receiving your completed order - please check both inbox and spam folder for this email


PLEASE NOTE: MOCK UP PREVIEWS ARE USUALLY SENT WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY AFTER RECEIVING YOUR COMPLETED ORDER - please check both inbox and spam folder for this email. You may request changes to the design by reply email

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