Adult Design License Plates

Personalized Bike and License Plates for Adults
By for Adults, we don't mean the XXX kind, we mean as opposed to kids designs. More mature designs so adults can have fun personalizing their ride too! Certainly you want a custom name tag for your beach cruiser or even your exercise bike.  We have the option of 6 sizes of personalized license plates so they're even great for laundry and mail room carts, senior citizen walkers and wheel chairs or even at work for your desk.

Having options of both smaller plates measuring 2" x 4", 2.25" x 4" & 2.5" x 4" for bikes, trikes and scooters. 3" x 6" which is the standard bicycle size license plate,  and a larger 4" x 7" usually purchased for ATV's, Electric Bikes and Motorcycles make these custom tags versatile for almost any use.  And remember, Front Car Tags (6" x 12" ) can also be used for many things other than vehicles

Click any of the images or titles to read more about the design and fill out the personalization form.   We'll set up your custom plate and even email you a mock up preview for approval prior to production.