It's about time isn't it?

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Well, I'm usually late to the party so what makes changing over the website any different!  We went into this whole mobile responsiveness kicking and screaming!  We changed over our pages a few years ago and honestly, after we were half way through getting over the nerves of change, we kind of liked how the newer style was looking.

Change is hard, especially when there's so many things that come into play when changing around a website.  But there we were, liking our new design and continuing to change all our pages when we realized our shopping cart was not mobile responsive.  So we did all that work re-making images, learning the whole css and div thing instead of tables, rows and columns but alas once you clicked add to cart you were back in that old html world.  At least if you were on a desk top, it was still fine.  Maybe a few more steps to check out, but fine.  

Try on the phone.... ouch...  But, our shopping cart company promised us a mobile check out was on the way.  We've been with them for so many years, we built up a great relationship with tech support, I mean we even go to each other's live chat to express holiday wishes and weather safety concerns etc.  I mean, so many years, we made friends.

Did I mention I didn't like change? Well I have a certain loyalty style too, so ... Changing shopping cart platforms is very hard for all of the above reasons.  But, you've got to do what you've got to do. 

So here we are, plugging away at this new web design and shopping cart style.  It's new for us and hopefully so much better for our customers.

We're opening ahead of time for one of our cycling groups so they could prepare for one of their rides with easier check out but the site is not complete.

Each day we'll add more and more products and categories until we get all current designs up and running, and then....  we'll add more!  
This structure will make it easier for us to add new designs often, keep in touch with you via social media and something that has rarely happened in the past (due to the confines of our site and cart) We'll even run a sale and contest now and then.

So tell us, What do you think?  Isn't about time?

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