Unicorn Lover's Wallet ID Personalized
Personalized for Unicorn Lover's of all ages this custom wallet ID is perfect for both kids and adults who love fantasy play  and the mystique of the Unicorn.

These magical creatures give license for you to Love them, Feed Them, and more.
Set up your Unicorn Feeding License or Unicorn Lover's License or any title across the top along with your name, address whether it be real or made up. As a Unicorn caretaker, you get to decide.

Personalizing the Unicorn Wallet ID is easy just tell us how you want it set up in the form.
  • Licenses can be made with or without a photo.
  • You can have your real address or a made up address. ex: 123 Rainbow Way, Magic Forest USA etc.

  • Use the form to tell us how you want your license set up. There's several fields to fill out so be patient. Also, use the additional info box to tell us anything special set up requests.  Whatever you put in License Type will appear on top (ex: Unicorn Feeding License)

  • Upload the photo or utilize our stock mermaid image 
    If you choose no photo, your unicorn license will be made up like the bottom image in our sample.
Requesting a mock sample will result in your getting an email usually within 1 business day of your completing your order of a Unicorn License.  Please watch both your inbox and spam folder for the email as the quicker you reply with an approval or request for modifications the quicker we can get your actual license in the works and shipped.

Novelty Licenses are made of semi flexible plastic similar to a credit card size and measure approximately 3-6/8 x 2-2/8 and fits into any license or credit card slot in your wallet. Printed on front with design and personalization and on back with standard back image.
Estimated production time is 2 - 4 business days

Unicorn Lover's Pretend Play Wallet ID License

  • $11.25
    Unit price per 

If you are sending a photo please upload it here

YES this is my image and I own rights to its content

TYPE / TITLE Goes Across Type of License -ex: Bicycle License, Golf Cart License, etc. If Sate License put the State - ex: Michigan, New York etc

Some licenses are used as jokes so please tell us if you want the label to read Gender or Sex ex: Gender - Female or ex: Sex - not lately


PLEASE NOTE: MOCK UP PREVIEWS ARE USUALLY SENT WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY AFTER RECEIVING YOUR COMPLETED ORDER - please check both inbox and spam folder for this email. You may request changes to the design by reply email

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