Personalize this El Morro Castle Puerto Rican Heritage License Plate with any name in your choice of color and font for the text. 

Isla Del Encanto, Island of The Charm Puerto Rico License Plates come in 6 sizes of custom cut name tags for you to personalize with your name or any short line of text.
The Top and Bottom Text of Puerto Rico and Isla Del Encanto are Standard on this plate but if you want to change either for your own text, you can request we edit those lines in the additional info box. 

Personalized El Morro Fort Castle of Puerto Rico Plate sizes come in the following sizes:
Mini bike plates at 2" x 4" ✶ 2.25" x 4** ✶ or 2.5" x 4"
Standard size bike plates - 3" x 6"
ATV and Motorcycle plates - 4" x 7" ✶ Car tags - 6" x 12"

All plates are made in the U.S.A. from quality rust free aluminum and are printed perfectly flat. They ship with 2 zip ties for application. Check out our Accessories page for:

Personalized Play Driver's License For Kids and Joke Licenses for Adults
Play & Joke Licenses


Estimated production is 2 - 4 business days

Puerto Rico El Morro Castle Heritage Bike Plates and License Plates

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Use the additional information box to give us any set up information that we may not have covered above


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