Personalized Parakeet Cage Name Tag License Plates
We've named these two peanuts and crackerjacks after a real life family pair of keets but you can personalize these great bird cage name tags with any name or custom text.
Although these are typically mini bike plates, many have creatively used them for bird cages and aviaries, among many other uses and so can you.

This design is set up a little different than our other plates as we have all text in the center.  To have your plate set up this way, use the Name field only and put a / between each line of text. ex: Peanuts / & / Cracker Jacks.
You do have the option of setting your plate up with just normal top / center / bottom personalization in the form as well.
And if you want only one pair of birds on left or right, just let us know in the additional info box.

Custom Parakeet Pair Tag Sizes 
Mini bike plates at 2" x 4" ✶ 2.25" x 4** ✶ or 2.5" x 4 
Standard size bike plates - 3" x 6"
Motorcycle plates - 4" x 7"   Car tags - 6" x 12"

All plates are made in the U.S.A. from quality rust free aluminum and are printed perfectly flat. They ship with 2 zip ties for application. Check out our Accessories page for:

Personalized Play Driver's License For Kids and Joke Licenses for Adults
Play & Joke Licenses

Estimated production is 2 - 4 business days

Parakeet Pair Name Tag License Plates Personalized

  • $9.75
    Unit price per 

There are three sections to fill out - Top, Center & Bottom - Skip any section not wanted - For Font and Color if you want it as the sample just choose or type "AS SAMPLE" DO NOT request any text that might be copyrighted or trademarked.

---------------------TOP SECTION---------------------

---------------------CENTER SECTION---------------------

---------------------BOTTOM SECTION---------------------

Use the additional information box to give us any set up information that we may not have covered above


PLEASE NOTE: MOCK UP PREVIEWS ARE USUALLY SENT WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY AFTER RECEIVING YOUR COMPLETED ORDER - please check both inbox and spam folder for this email. You may request changes to the design by reply email

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