Novelty Zamboni Drivers License - Joke Zamboni License
I can't promise this Novelty Zamboni License is going to score you a ride but you can at least try. I mean what Zamboni Driver could resist your tenacity. At the least, it's a fun joke license for any Hockey Fan.  If riding on the Zamboni is on someone's bucket list (like it is mine) then they'll definitely love this custom license even if it is fake.

Whether you make it serious, or a joke is determined by your personalization, but, these licenses are no joke.  Custom printed on pvc cards they almost look and feel like a real license.  
  • Licenses can be made with or without a photo.
  • You can have your real address or a made up address. ex: Arena Lane, Hockey Town etc.

Use the form to tell us how you want your license set up. There's several fields to fill out so be patient. Also, use the additional info box to tell us anything special set up requests. 

Novelty Licenses are made of semi flexible plastic similar to a credit card size and measure approximately 3-6/8 x 2-2/8 and fits into any license or credit card slot in your wallet. Printed on front with design and personalization and on back with standard back image shown above.  
Estimated production time is 2 - 4 business days

Novelty Zamboni Drivers License - Joke Zamboni License

  • $9.75
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If you are sending a photo please upload it here

TYPE / TITLE Goes Across Type of License

Some licenses are used as jokes so please tell us if you want the label to read Gender or Sex ex: Gender - Female or ex: Sex - not lately