Memories of Laugh In, Big Hair, Bell Bottom Pants and Huckapoo Shirts names this neon license plate "Lost in the 70's"  Go ahead, ask any young adult today what I'm talking about. They have no clue. But you do, right? That's why you'll love this Sock it to me Design. Have a little fun and personalize one of these plates in any of our 6 sizes with your name or custom text.

Use the form to 
Choose a size, tell us what name or custom text you want in in the center of the plate and in what font and color.  If you like the font on the sample just choose "As Sample"
You can also put something on top and bottom of the plate too, but the form focuses on the center text. If you don't want top or bottom just skip that part of the form.

License Plate sizes 

mini bike plates at 2" x 4" ✶ 2.25" x 4** ✶ or 2.5" x 4  
standard size bike plates - 3" x 6" 
ATV and motorcycle plates - 4" x 7" 
car tags - 6" x 12"

All plates are made from quality aluminum and are printed perfectly flat. They ship with 2 zip ties, but check out our Accessories page for matching key chains, desk feet, frames for 2.25 x 4 plates or magnet backs to use this plate as a note holder on your refrigerator or as a name tag for your desk.
Estimated production is 2 - 4 business days

Lost in the Seventies Personalized Mini License Plate

  • $9.75
    Unit price per 

If you want text on top (between holes) and bottom Let us know here If not Skip this area please

Use the additional information box to give us any set up information that we may not have covered above


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