Are license plates required for your delivery bicycles and cargo bikes? Many years ago, NYC started to require delivery bikes to be plated with numbers and business names. California soon followed as did other states. Our plates follow and exceed guidelines for Commercial Bikes.

We can help you get creative when you submit your logo or custom design or we can keep it simple with just text on your plate. Along with following guidelines for your business name and bike ID number, you can also use these plates as a marketing vehicle by adding your phone number, website etc.

Although we have a full range of mini plates, In areas where plates are required, (such as for NY restaurant delivery bikes) Commercial bike plates must be at least 3x5 or larger. Standard Bike Plates are 3x6.   

To use the form? 

  • Image Submission:
    Please be sure any image sent is crisp and clear and at least 300 dpi
  • If you are not submitting an image and want just text with a full color background, tell us what color background you want in the additional info section.  (not telling us a color will result in a white plate)
  • There are 3 sections for the plate Top, Center and Bottom.  Please use the Center for both your business name and Bike ID #
  • Font Take care in choosing a font. You'll want something easy to read especially for the Bike ID and phone numbers. 
  • IF you need multiple plates with sequential numbers Set up 1 plate with all the info >>>- In the additional info section state how many plates with what numbers  ex:  1 of each sequential #A001 to A010    Change the quantity to 10  then add to cart  (or 1 #A001 1 #A005  2 # A007  etc)
All plates are made in the U.S.A. from quality rust free aluminum and are printed perfectly flat. They ship with 2 zip ties, from Florida. Check out our Accessories page for:
ID Badges for Delivery Bike Riders
ID Badges for Riders
Matching Key Ring
atching Key Rings
self stick magnets

Commercial Bicycle Delivery License Plates Personalized

  • $10.45
    Unit price per 

There are three sections to fill out - Top, Center & Bottom - Skip any section not wanted - For Font and Color if you want it as the sample just choose or type "AS SAMPLE" Give us any set up instructions in the additional Info Box

---------------------TOP SECTION---------------------

---------------------CENTER SECTION---------------------

---------------------BOTTOM SECTION---------------------

Use the additional information box to give us any set up information that we may not have covered above


PLEASE NOTE: MOCK UP PREVIEWS ARE USUALLY SENT WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY AFTER RECEIVING YOUR COMPLETED ORDER - please check both inbox and spam folder for this email. You may request changes to the design by reply email

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