Kids Mini Bike Plates - Name Tags with Kids Designs

Bike Tags for Kids Personalized -Mini License Plates with Children's Theme Designs. Custom bike plates with really cute designs for little boys and girls. Some of the designs are so cool that adults love them too! 
We know that sometime's it's hard to get your child's name with your spelling on mini license plate and that's exactly why we've been personalizing bike plates since 1999.  Any Name on plates for Bicycles, Tricycles, ATV's, Scooters, Motorized or Electric Kids Cars, Wheelchairs, and Strollers. They're also great as Birthday Party Favors.
Plate sizes range from mini bike plates at 2" x 4" ✶ 2.25" x 4 ✶ or 2.5" x 4 ✶ 
to bike plates - 3" x 6",  ✶ ATV and motorcycle plates - 4" x 7"  ✶ and car tags - 6"  x 12"

All personalized bike plates are made of quality rust resistant aluminum and ship with 2 zip ties for application.